The Vision of ELF

Our short-term trip to our partner community in Kiu, Kenya this July was an opportunity to learn from, encourage, and fellowship with believers around the world in the context of long-term engagement with God's work, focusing on understanding His body and our role in it more fully. Thus, we went as listeners and learners prioritizing presence over projects in order to encourage, learn from, fellowship with, and worship alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ.  By this we proclaim to one another and the rest of the world whose we are by saying to each other, "I am in this with you.  We serve the same God.  We are saved by the same sacrifice.  You are not alone.



How are you encouraging (or being encouraged), learning, and fellowshiping this summer? Let us know by submitting your testimonial below or by using the hashtag #VisionofELF on social media.

In order for this vision to become a reality across The Bridge among our brothers and sisters in Kiu, it's imperative this vision first become the reality and heartbeat of our local church here at home.  May our refrain of praise be that we boast in the Lord and all He has done in Christ - the same here as when we travel across The Bridge!

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