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Women's Bible Study

The book of Daniel contains the beloved story of an amazing man who put all his hope and trust in the God of his Fathers. It's a book that reflects a man's amazing character, but more importantly, it's a book about God-His faithfulness, His sovereignty, His power. Daniel's message is encouraging and hopeful and gives us the powerful example of what it looks like to trust God especially in a culture that is opposed to God's kingdom and laws. We'll learn to trust God in all generations and in all trying situations.


Please consider joining us as we read through the amazing book of Daniel. No special book is required-just the Lord's word! Bring your Bibles!

Contact Tammy Span with any questions or to get more information: 727-519-6688

The Book of Daniel
Tuesdays 10 am-noon
Starting January 18th - April 5th
At Adoration Church; 10800 Johnson Blvd, Seminole

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