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Adoration Church Missions


As a church, our primary focus is that we’ll never wait “until we’re ready” to start serving our community, spreading the cause and the message of the gospel beyond our walls, creating relationships with the unchurched, and bringing global realities to our congregation.  It would be very easy to wait until, “we have a building of our own”, “until we reach a certain size”, “until we’re completely organized”, “until we have every ministry within our congregation up and running”....and on and on and on.  We believe that outreach and service isn’t a side note the church does when it gets around to it….it’s actually part of what God calls the church to be as part of it’s core.  We want to be an example for our congregation of showing abundant compassion and generosity both in their personal lives and through their church. We are excited to partner with global and local missions partners.

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Local Partners

Abba Dabba Theatre is our first local missions partner. This organization aims to provide a safe, creative and fun family environment for children and adults to explore opportunities to learn and practice creative dramatics, acting and improvisation. A longstanding relationship exists between leadership of Abba Dabba and Adoration Church, which provides fertile ground for a relationally-driven partnership.  This organization also provides the opportunity to connect with a primary target audience of ours, children and families, of which we have been uniquely gifted to love and serve well.  Finally, this organization has touch points with the two areas in which we have felt a specific calling, public schools and recreation centers.  While we still look to partner with a specific school and rec. center in the future, Abba Dabba is a wonderful first step which will enhance any future partnerships.

Global Partners

God calls us to spread his message and to use our gifts not only in our community but around the world.  We desire to bring global realities to our congregation by ministering deeply in a specific place in the developing world.  The more we have a unified global service initiative the more our local service efforts will grow.  The heart of our Global mission efforts will also be to create lasting relationships towards His purpose and help our congregation to know how much bigger His story is than we sometimes realize.  We will serve globally through partners who have a long term focus on spiritual and physical development.  


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