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“Q” is actually how you pronounce the community of “Kiu” Kenya. 


We are encouraged by our commitment to a long term relationship between Adoration Church and the people of Kiu Kenya.  We pray for a community where relationships will deepen, we pray for Kiu and they pray for us, Christ is made known, and we walk through His story together.  




Kiu (“Q”) Kenya is located 2.5 hrs southeast of Nairobi in the Sultan Hamud area of Kenya.  Kiu is just outside another 410 Bridge partner community of Ngaamba.  The community of Kiu is a market town with a major east-west rail line linking the port of Mombasa to Uganda.  The railroad now divides the town between the Kamba and Maasi people.  


The village is comprised of four churches, two schools, and a small medical clinic.  There is a small medical clinic on the grounds of the African Inland Church that serves people from Kiu and neighboring villages.  


Through The 410 Bridge’s initial years of working with Kiu major developments have occurred in the physical lives of the people in Kiu but much remains.  With access to clean water recently obtained, the leadership council is shifting their focus to the significant educational challenges that exist in the community.  


The Rejoice Project is instrumental in the spiritual development of the children.  The program was piloted in Ngaamba West and has spread to virtually all the schools in the Ngaamba and Kiu area.  The Rejoice Project has it’s own indigenous staff that work themselves and through a dedicated group of young volunteers who travel to each school every week to teach biblical values to primary school children.  


Kiu Leadership Council Priorities:


  • Spiritual Development

  • Education

  • Micro Enterprise Training

  • Clean Water Access  


Other Development in Kiu:


  1. Water Project, Phase 4: On-going training in well sustainability.

  2. Business Start-Up Training (BST)- a one year training program for 100 individuals interested in starting or improving their own small businesses.  Past use of the cirricumlum and training has resulted in an 80% success rate.  Total cost for implementing program is $8,000 and $4,000 has already been secured.  


Please pray for other partner churches, students, and individuals that are being called to work towards these causes alongside Kiu Leaders.  


Kiu Leadership Council Priorities:


·         Spiritual Development

·         Education

·         Micro Enterprise Training

·         Clean Water Access  

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