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Local Missions - Foster Care

Our model is simple and relationally-driven.  Our desire is to show and tell people that God created and cares for them by modeling this care as His body, the Church. To accomplish this, we will seek to leverage our resources to create relational spaces and opportunities to meet and grow in relationship.  It is our sincere hope and expectation that God will then use these relationships to make us aware of needs we can help meet and provide us opportunity to share the Gospel in both word and deed.

At Adoration Church, we believe that biblically, God’s people should aim toward facing in four directions.  This partnership with foster care and the children and families involved, which is really a hybrid of ministry and mission, has touch points with multiple people already attending Adoration Church and all 4 faces. This local community partnership is designed to make visible the light and love of Jesus Christ. 


Backwards toward creation ever mindful of our place in God’s story as His image bearers charged with filling the earth with His glory. // At its heart, foster care and those who serve within this capacity have the goal of stirring in children an awareness of the God who created them in His own Image.  When we celebrate and support children who need it most we are reminding them of the precious and intentional creation they are and were created to be.


Forwards toward the confident hope of Christ’s return and His making new all things in Jesus.  // By intersecting with a child's life through foster care and support, we are serving children and helping them learn  life skills including: respect, leadership, community, team building, confidence, loyalty, positivity-awareness, inclusiveness, and other valuable life skills.  All of these are skills that move us toward being all that God created us to be and what He empowers us to be in Christ. As such, the above skills can only rightly be understood in light of Christ’s first coming and His promised return.  Confidence, loyalty, positivity-awareness, risk taking for example have no firm and lasting foundation save for the reality of Christ’s first coming and the promise of His second.  To learn of and walk in these skills is to learn of and walk in the reality of the God in whom they are rooted.


Inwards toward one another to love, serve and build each other up.  // Our partnership with foster care children and those who serve them within our community is a hybrid of ministry and mission.  It would give a great opportunity for some of the church body to participate in donating needed items, supporting families who currently foster at Adoration Church, etc. thus creating shared experiences and deeper relationships amongst the body.  It would also give the church the opportunity to BE the church by loving and serving alongside one another in and through this partnership.


Outwards toward a lost world with the good news of Jesus. // Whether you donate items weekly or volunteer to serve those who are fostering children, you have the unique opportunity to let them know there is a God that cares about them by being a people that demonstrate this care and concern.



How You Can help


  • Pray for this partnership and the opportunities that are sure to come

  • Donate any of the items listed below to the Mission Table on Sunday mornings

  • Sign-up to take dinners to a foster family on Thursday nights

  • Stay tuned for volunteer opportunities 

  • Email : with your ideas or suggestions


what is foster care?

donate any of these items on any sunday to support foster care

  • Gift cards

  • Groupons for child-friendly activities

  • Buss passes

  • Baby hygiene items

  • Baby proofing and safety supplies

  • Bed linens and blankets

  • Bikes and helmets for children of all ages

  • Books for children of all ages, especially early learning books

  • Bottles and sippy cups

  • Car seats (new)

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Clothing and shoes for children of all ages, especially ages 0 to 3

  • Computers and laptops (new and refurbished)

  • Diapers and wipes

  • Educational computer games

  • Electronics, especially tablets and game consoles (new and refurbished)

  • Gift cards (retail, restaurant, grocery stores and gas stations)

  • Gifts for teens and young adults

  • Hair, make-up and nail products

  • Headphones and speakers

  • Luggage and duffle bags

  • Nonperishable food

  • Pack ‘n plays

  • Pajamas for children of all ages, sleeping sacks for infants

  • Personal hygiene items

  • School supplies and backpacks

  • Sports equipment

  • Strollers

  • Towels and washcloths

  • Toys for children of all ages, especially developmental and educational toys

  • Underwear and socks for children of all ages

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