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Opportunities to Serve

We have been learning what it means to serve our church body in a tangible way-now we are excited to offer many positions that are needed at Adoration to serve our congregation and community well!!

Take a look at what's available and sign up today!

Welcome Team.png

Hospitality & Welcome Team

We are looking for warm hearts and radiant smiles to fill our church on Sunday mornings to welcome all to worship with us. We have spots everywhere to fill. Starting in the parking lot-helping find everyone a place to park and assisting to the door; At the front door giving a warm welcome to let everyone know how glad we are to see them; into the worship center-helping find seats, and to offer one more big 'hello' to let them know we're glad they're here. Be a part of the team that let's everyone know we see them, and that they are so very important!

Cleaning Crew

We have fun cleaning, ya'll! We keep the church spic and span and meet up to clean on Saturday mornings. We recently lost a few volunteers and are feeling the strain of being short-handed. We need several helpers to fill the holes we have to make the load a little lighter each month.

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