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Ray Hand


Ray was born and spent most of his life living across North Carolina except for the four years when they lived in Louisville, KY.  God used his occupation to relocate he and his family from Winston-Salem, NC to Redington Shores at the end of 2019.


Ray asked his wife of more than 30 years to marry him when they were in high school.  After college they were married.  They have 2 children, Isaac and Sarah, 17 years apart.  They enjoy opening their home to their church and neighbors to share Christ’s love through the fellowship of doing life with one another.


Raised in a Bible-believing family, he answered God’s call on his life at the age of 6 and was active in the church throughout his high school years.  In college, he struggled with his relationship with God realizing he was not sure what his heart believed.  God in His patient and persistent pursuit of our hearts has used a number of event throughout Ray’s life that have served to draw him closer to the heart of God.


Colossians 3:12-17, 23-24; Deuteronomy 8; Matthew 6:33 & John 13:34-35 are a few passages the Holy Spirit has used to mold and shape Ray over the years.  Ray shares Adoration’s passion to purposefully demonstrate the love of Christ to the world around him at work, home and community.  The Lord has taught him its more about “Location not Vocation”.  Jesus is less concerned about what you do for a living.  He is focused on placing you (location) in connection with the persons He ordains you to serve and minister.  For its Christ’s love alone that compels us to change; that draws us to Himself.


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