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Beloved church family,


We have wonderful news to share with you this week! Sandi's COVID-19 test results came back negative. Praise the Lord! Thank you, everyone for rallying around her with support and prayers this week. It's so wonderful to have a such a loving family at Adoration to lean on in difficult times.


As cases ramp up in our county and community, let's try to stay vigilant with our social distancing efforts and mask wearing so we can continue to keep the church doors open. We look forward to worshipping with you tomorrow whether it's in person or online in Spirit!


In Christ,

Adoration Church Staff

July 25, 2020

Dear Adoration Church Family,

We have so valued and rejoiced in being able to gather in person over the last several weeks.  There truly is something special about the corporate gathering that God calls us into and exhorts us not to neglect.  Psalm 22:3 says “Yet You are enthroned as the Holy One; You are the praise of Israel.”  What’s interesting is that this follows immediately after a cry of despair and lament from the mouth of David.  YET, You are enthroned…  May this continue to be our anchor and the truth we gather around and declare each week throughout these uncertain times.  I can think of little else that is more important than catching a glimpse of God enthroned, of the Holy One who reigns in such times as these.  

That said, we understand how difficult it has been for many who do not feel comfortable returning to our in person gathering given the recent spikes in virus cases.  I have heard many a testimony of the angst this has caused.  There is this very real longing to be together and yet an equally real need to remain apart.  To you we would like to say that we miss you and meet your longing with one of our own to see and worship together with you in person very soon.  We remain fully committed to you by learning and growing our online platform so that though we are apart physically, we remain united in the Spirit of God and the praise of His Name.  You are valued, loved and prayed for!

Finally, we have a bit of distressing news.  One of our beloved leaders has been directly exposed to someone who had been asymptomatic but has now tested positive for COVID.  Sandi Kirby, our wonderful nursery team lead, has just found out that her granddaughter tested positive.  While they have been very good about masks in public, they were in the car together and did not have masks on prior to the positive test result.  Thus, there is a chance that Sandi has been exposed.  She goes for her test tomorrow, Thursday July 16.  However, test results take 3-5 days and so we will not have those results prior to our gathering this Sunday July 19.  

Leadership has prayed and discussed this extensively and considered multiple options and scenarios.  We have decided that we will move forward with gathering in person this Sunday.  However, we want to do so with transparency and understanding.  You have as much information as we do and we understand if this changes your decision to join us this Sunday in person.  

We are also asking a few things of you:

1. Pray for Kiersten, Sandi’s granddaughter and her family who will walk through this with her.  They are scared and not sure what to expect.
2. Pray for Sandi.  She is worried for her granddaughter and anxious about her test and results.
3. Pray for our church, both wisdom and protection, as we walk this road together.
4.  Please stay home and join us online if you are sick or have been within the past 14 days.
5.   Please keep us informed of your needs, concerns or questions.  

Grace and peace in Christ,

Adoration Church Leadership

July 15, 2020

Watch Pastor Matt's Re-opening Announcement

Greetings Adoration Church Family!

God has blessed us with some wonderful leaders who serve both with strength and sacrifice to the glory of God and the edification of His church.  As such, leadership has labored much in prayer and dialogue in order to come to a decision regarding masks in light of the recent Pinellas County Ordinance that went into effect this past week.  

Our amended mask policy beginning THIS Sunday (June 28) will be that masks are required upon entering as we fellowship and upon exiting as we continue to fellowship inside the building.  However, once our worship celebration begins and you have found the table that you and your family will sit at to worship together, masks may be removed. This is fully in line with the exemptions given in the ordinance to churches.  As such, we pray that this will allow us to make much of the name of Jesus in song unhindered and breathe in God’s grace as we meditate upon the Word together.

Our sincere hope is that this will NOT be a place where the enemy is able to grab a foothold to sew division or distraction amongst God’s people.  Rather, let us seize this as an opportunity to walk in a type of submission to the Word of God and sacrificial love toward the people of God that makes visible the beauty and reality of the Gospel.

In Romans 13:1 we read, “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.”  Could it be then, that to submit to our governing authorities in this area is an opportunity to narrow the gap between our head and heart where the sovereignty of God is concerned?  So that, His absolute sovereignty, as seen in His control, authority and presence, is NOT just something we know about but it is something that actually shapes the way we live.

In Philippians 2:3-4 we are called to a Christ like humility that looks to the interests of others with a desire to serve.  This requires sacrifice as we lay down our interests, preferences, demands and rights in order to love and serve those God has called us to be in community and do life with.  Could it be then, that this too is an opportunity for the church to walk in a type of sacrificial love for one another that makes the love of Christ tangible in our midst?  

I phrase these as questions in hopes of relaying the humility with which we want to approach this issue and invite us to think together in a Biblical way as we seek to navigate it with God’s wisdom and grace.  

Please Church—Beloved of God in Christ—push back against the enemy by leaning into Jesus and the vastness of grace therein!

We love you
Adoration Church

June 26, 2020

Updated June 13, 2020

Dear Adoration Church Family,                                                                     


We are excited to announce that the time has finally come to be able to meet together in person! Watch the video announcement above from Pastor Matt to get all the details. We will continue to stream the services online for those who are not quite ready to gather in person.​

Here are the main points from the announcement video:

  • Sunday, June 14th at 10 am will be our first Sunday meeting back in person

  • Services will continue to be online- both Kid's church at 9:30 and Adoration Celebration at 10 am will continue to be live-streamed on this website. 

  • Children's ministries (Sunday school and nursery) will continue to meet online only at 9:30

  • LOCATION-We will be meeting temporarily at 12601 Park Blvd (Chapel on the Hill-Evans Hall) so that we have room to social-distance more effectively.

  • There will be table seating available and activity packets for children (no childcare provided)

  • Family friendly facility, bathrooms/changing tables, space outside fellowship hall available for use.

  • There will be a designated entrance and exit. 

  • Health stations will be at the entrance with hand sanitizer and face masks (recommended).

  • Cleaning team will sanitize before/after service.

  • Please be mindful and sensitive to each person's social-distancing preferences. 

  • If you've been sick in the last 14 days, please stay home and join us online.

  • Location change is very temporary. Transition back to Adoration church facility is already in the works.

Let's stand together in prayer for one another, not just for our church, but for the situation as it affects our nation and the world. As new information becomes available, we will communicate with you in a timely manner through email, Facebook and our website. Not on our email list? Sign up here to get all our announcements.


In Christ we put our trust,

Pastor Matt and Staff

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