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To speak of church membership is to invite a great deal of variety in thought and feeling.  From great joy to deep hurt and everything in between, church membership carries much baggage.

It is our deep desire to walk graciously as we approach membership while at the same time affirm the goodness and beauty of God’s design that we belong to, covenant with and take responsibility for the local expression of Christ’s church that God has called us to.  In this membership class we will seek to understand the Gospel, the church global, the church local, what it means to be a member and why it’s important.  

Attending this class does not come with any expectation to join Adoration church.  However, our hope is that you will commit to all four Sundays in order to come to a fuller understanding of the importance and goodness of church membership.

There will be a morning class and an afternoon class offered. They will be identical other than attendees. You need only attend one class each Sunday. Childcare will be provided during the afternoon class only. 


Pray over whether God is calling you to go through this class.  If so, clear space in your schedule to prioritize this time for God’s glory, the church’s edification and your good.




Our hope is that this will not be a lecture, but we will enter into grace-filled dialogue with one another.  Come prepared to discuss and share thoughts and feelings in a safe place.

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