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Rejoice Project


The Rejoice Project is transforming the lives of leaders and children in rural, African communities and is empowering and equipping generations of leaders to restore their communities back to God. We believe that every child needs to know there is God in heaven that created them, who deeply loves them, who uniquely made them in His image, and who sent Jesus to rescue, redeem, and restore them. The best way of doing this is by discipling the leaders in those children's communities - training and equipping them with the skills to teach and disciple the children from their own communities in Biblical, character-based virtues. We believe that introducing the next generation to a healthy, Christ-centered experience is invaluable; especially before their moral worldview is fully developed. That is why we utilize a discipleship program for global communities, taught by indigenous Christian leaders, utilizing the arts, sports, science, experiential learning, and, most importantly - relationships.



Additional Information:

Annual Cost for Rejoice Project in Kiu Kenya- $8,000 includes all staff, travel, communications, training and material expense for weekly discipleship efforts of 800 children in Kiu Kenya (approximately $0.83/student per month)


Adoration Church raised more than $2,500 during our 2014 Christmas Campaign to help support The Rejoice Project's annual budget.


Please pray for the other church partners working alongside the leaders of Kiu Kenya as they seek to be part of His story by bringing global realities and service to their congregations:


Rejoice & Kiu
Rejoice Staff:

Johannes Mutuki

Paul Musyoki Mulandi

Ministry Partner: 

Our Primary Contact at 410:

Jennifer Ward


Our Primary Contacts for

communication with 410:

Micah Thompson

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